Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bossa Nova Meets Samba Meets Hip-Hop

If you are able to listen to the sweet samba sounds of Sergio Mendes and sit still, well, I'm just plain sorry for you. Sergio has been spinning out Brazilian grooves for over four decades -- whether with Brazil 66 or at times joined by the likes of Herb Alpert and who became Alpert's wife, Lani Hall.

On his latest album, Encanto, Mendes is again joined by Herb and Lani on one track. The rest of the record is pure Brazilian, recorded in Rio and Salvador de Baia. The sounds are more irresistible than ever, chronicling the amazing musical journey of a man who has become a legend. Skipping some of his mid-career forays into American pop and soul, Encanto reflects some later influences such as a wonderfully African brand of hip-hop, combined with some of the jazz and bossa nova influences that have blended to produce that oh-so Mendes sound.

Looking for timeless? You've got it right here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice review. Sergio always does an amazing job when he returns to his Brazilian roots. Slightly misleading though, this is the first time Sergio & Herb Alpert have been on a recording together, but as we all know this is yet another reunion for Sergio & Lani Hall (Mrs. Herb Alpert).

Steve Sidoruk
A&M Fan Network
Cheshire, CT