Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Age of Creativity

I last blogged from southern France, where I was speaking at an annual arts camp in a region called the Cévennes. I was struck by the legacy of the persecuted Huguenots as portrayed at the Musée du Désert, hidden away in the rugged hills of the Cévennes. Their oppression lasted over a century, and many of the men were sent away to the French galleys, seldom to return home. Centuries later, the Protestant church is strongest in the south (as well as the Alsace region in northeastern France).

At the arts camp I spoke on the fact that art, as a part of culture, must evolve. I believe that, as God is Creator and continues to create, He created us to evolve. Otherwise, we would still be nomadic hunter/gatherers, oblivious to agriculture, industry and technology. We are wired to move forward. And a faith that withstands the test of time is one that continues to innovate, to explore new ways of expressing the same timeless truths. If the church doesn't wake up to this fact, it will find itself shut off from some of the very people who could help it move forward in its ongoing quest for relevancy.I particularly wish this for the church in France, in many ways known as the cradle of aesthetic appreciation. It's in the church's best interest to embrace and reclaim this love of beauty. We have entered the Age of Creativity -- let's keep creating.

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Don said...

I couldn't agree more. It's funny that I read this today, because this morning in Bible Study we were talking, amongst other things, about the Sabbath. The traditional interpretation of the Sabbath is to do as little as possible. There were actually a set number of steps that individuals could not exceed (imagine rationing your trips to the bathroom or kitchen). Jesus while walking(fellowshipping) through a peaceful wheat field with those(His Disciples) closest to Him, and a couple of his guys decided to pluck some wheat and pop it in their mouths (hardly work/harvesting). Jesus challenged the Pharisees. I feel that God has charged us to recognize the Sabbath, but in a way that is special to us that Glorifies him. The Sabbath should be a day where we stop "doing" and we just be. So, I am going to apply this "creatively" in my hectic world in order to just "be" with my family, and just "be" instead of "doing". No emails, no work calls...just enjoying my son trying to walk and talk, and hanging out with my wife.