Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perchance to Dream

Many of us, for whatever reason, have been discouraged from dreaming. The pragmatists tell us it's a waste of time and energy. I suppose I have always been somewhat of a dreamer, even being called an idealist once by a work supervisor. I have seen many of the dreams come true, and have many yet to be fulfilled. I dreamed of singing and recording in multiple languages, combining two of my greatest passions and giftings. It has happened. I then dreamed of equipping other creatives with a broader world view and a deeper sense of their place in this world. Almost 1000 creatives came through the programs we offered. Could I have done some things better? Oh yes; but the dreams became reality nevertheless.

They're not all old dreams, either -- the dreams keep coming. One of my latest dreams is to promote a deeper sense of cultural awareness in this age of globalization; to foster what one author has termed "glocalization", where we learn to think and act both on a local and on a global scale. (Check out the book in my reading list on the right.) And being an American, one of my more ambitious dreams is to improve the image of America and Americans in the international community. God willing, this will take the form of seminars, webinars and podcasts on cross-cultural dynamics in this new age in which we live.

Another dream that is not far from reality is hosting World to the Wise Cultural Tours, where North Americans are given the chance not only to visit their dream destinations, but also to understand the heart of the culture they're visiting: what is the story behind the way people live as they live? Stay tuned -- our first tour is in the offing!

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Marina Berryman said...

World To The Wise tours sound pretty amazing. We have traveled on mission trips to Africa and did quite a bit of research before the trips. Made the whole experience so much greater! We felt like we knew the people, the cultural climate, the political scene, etc.

Lori said...

Count us in for the cultural tours. What an awesome dream! And one I want to be part of!

I'm dreaming again. Like you, so many have been fulfilled . . . it's time to dream anew!