Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Nephew the Olympian

You may have heard about the track and field Olympic qualifiers in Eugene, Oregon this past weekend. The trio of finalists in the men's shotput includes my nephew, Adam Nelson. The son of my wife's oldest brother, Adam is a two-time Olympic silver medalist.

Let's be honest -- when you look at those guys, you tend to think they're all brawn and little brain. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially in Adam's case. In between workouts, he happens to be working on his MBA at the University of Virginia, and his wife, Lacie, is in law school there. Adam is the picture of perseverence, discipline and keeping life in balance.

You can listen to Adam's latest interview with NPR's Neil Conan, where Adam shares his perspective on the quest for the gold. And check out the numerous videos of Adam on youtube.

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The Four Corners Project said...

Hey! I heard that NPR interview and was very impressed with him, especially with his dedication to playing clean. Had no idea you were related.