Friday, August 19, 2011

A Baby Is Born

After many hours of sitting in my own classroom, so to speak, learning about merchant accounts and all the elements of the back side of the tapestry, the e-book is finally out of the oven.

If I were seeking help and encouragement about a particular subject I was preparing to study, I wouldn't look for a large volume on how to go about it; I would want something concise -- so that's what I've done here.
Part motivation, part practical how-to's, How to Learn a Foreign Language: 7 Tips for Making the Daunting Doable is designed to be a shot in the arm for those who are either considering undertaking a foreign language, or those who have already begun but could use a little fresh perspective.

That word perspective is a huge word in my life. One of the themes of the e-book is the importance of taking the necessary step of lifting ourselves above our cultural assumptions in order to take a fresh look -- in this case, at the language we're tackling -- but it's a principal that applies in all areas of life. 

Perspective comes only when we are willing to loosen our clutch on what we perceive as real and important.

Check out the book for yourself, or forward the information to someone you know who could use a shot in the arm and a little perspective.

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Carrie said...

Wow! Congrats on the book, Dave! It looks like something I need to read, actually. I was part of YWAM's School of Worship way back in 2005 - the school that went to France - in which you taught a week about biblical backgrounds of worship (one of my favorite weeks!) and later gave us some lessons in French. It's been a long time, but ever since then, I've wanted but have never gotten around to learning French fluently. I did take a year of French in college, so I learned the basic verb forms and pronunciations and such, but nothing too useful or permanent.

Will the book be available in ... er... "tangible" form as well?