Monday, April 12, 2010

Hope: the Most Powerful Force

This past weekend I took part in a basic training session with Hope Force International, a seven-year-old NGO committed to rapid, compassionate response to crises and natural disasters. Although this may seem like it came out of left field, I've had an interest for many years in relief and development, and when this opportunity came along, it just felt like it was the right time.
I was impressed with Founders Jack and Cherie Minton's and Training Coordinator Sue Duby's commitment to making sure their reservists are on the same page before they even begin the technical portion of the training. Crisis relief is, after all, a spiritual activity which will test you to the core and reveal any and all areas of insecurity and misplaced identity.
If you feel it's time for you to be ruined for the ordinary and become an HFI reservist, check out their website here.

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Belinda said...

Hi Dave,
Great to read about this practical ministry and your heart involvement with it.
Have you heard of "RescueNet" within YWAM? Just wondering because it has so much in common with what you've just written.