Monday, April 20, 2009

The "Singing Nation"

This week's WorldQuiz:

What European country is nicknamed the "singing nation"?

In this country, it is unusual to find a single person who has not sung in a choir or some other kind of vocal ensemble. Every few years, all of this country's choirs gather together for the Song Festival with thousands of singers present.

The daina, or folk song, has defined this nation's identity for hundreds of years. Dating back well over a millenium, over 1.2 million texts and over 30,000 melodies have been identified.

What country is it?


Stella said...

Estonia!! =D I live there!! And the song festivals r really cool!!

Elyssa said...

Latvia. I have been studying Latvia for the past 10 years, i know this. It had these EXACT words in a book i am currently reading.