Friday, February 13, 2009

Announcing World to the Wise Cultural Tours

If you follow World to the Wise, you've seen the hints. Now we're finally ready to launch our very first World to the Wise Cultural Tour for the culturally curious.

What makes World to the Wise tours different from other tours? You'll not only see the sights, but you'll also gain INsights into the heart and history of each culture we visit. In most places we will work with local guides/instructors who know and love their city. And wherever possible, we'll facilitate an actual exchange where our group is able to interact with the locals. This can make the difference between a nice trip and one that marks you for a lifetime.

What makes up culture? Is it art? Language? History? Government? Education? Religion? Family? The answer is yes! It is impossible to fully know and experience a culture without considering these things. But before you start thinking that World to the Wise Tours will be a purely academic experience, think again. One of our foundational values is laughter, for example. A successful tour is one where we have been able to laugh with each other, and sometimes at ourselves.

Who is invited? Anyone and everyone, although unaccompanied minors may be prohibited on certain trips. Since we are Americans and currently live in the US, it is our mission to expose other Americans to the beauty and diversity of this planet; having said that, all nationalities are invited -- the more the merrier.

Are you of the tribe of the culturally curious? Then head over right now to to sign up for our updates. Our first tour is coming up this May to Paris and Florence (and possibly a side trip to Venice). Tentative dates are May 16-27, 2009. In this current economic climate, we will keep our costs as low as possible.

Stay tuned for more details -- we're just getting started!

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