Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let me explain:

The year 2008 held many challenges for all of us, and I am no exception; in addition to fiscal challenges, the year also saw the passing of my hero/father -- on Good Friday.

In going through some of Dad's files, my older brother came across some poems Dad had written that show not only his wit and wry sense of humor, but also reveal that he also faced his own set of challenges. This poem's message of perseverance is one that most of us need to hear; so to kick off the year 2009, which I believe holds great promise, and in honor of the man who shaped my life more than any other person, I present you with:

To a Cockroach
(Or, Bug Me to Live)

Ah, thou cockroach, you endure
Far beyond my overtures
For you to be exterminated,
And myself emancipated
From the gran ubiquity
Of your creep-and-crawlity.
You resist all tech-damnation
You’d survive e’en radiation
From wars that do mere mortals in.
So tempted, I, to hate like sin
Your shuddery longevity
That points to some eternity –
Until I realize your drive,
Against all odds, to stay alive
Is like the very verve I need
To stand against the word and deed
That tempts me to despair of heart.
Live on, thou bug, and life impart!

– Ron Durham, date unknown


Evelyn Glover said...

I SO appreciated that poem. Thank you for posting it. All the best in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Have you anything to say about the Gaza crisis? Could be an insightful blog.

Cara said...

I absolutely detest cockroaches (a bit of personal history that is unnecessary to the discussion); however, I absolutely LOVE this poem... perseverance and endurance are qualities I admire.